Kindzmarauli Kindzmarauli is a popular semi-sweet wine from Georgia that is both unique and exquisite. If you try it once, you’ll never forget how good it tastes. Kindzmarauli is a naturally semi-sweet wine made from Saperavi grapes cultivated in the microzone of Kindzmarauli. The wine has a ruby-red hue. This


Mukuzani Mukuzani was initially released in 1893, and while its legendary flavor has been refined overthe years, its basic features – richness and harmony – remain unchanged. Mukuzani is a dryred wine named after the region where it was produced. Kakheti is where the film wasmade.The wine has a rich

Tsinandali Wine

Tsinandali Tsinandali is a light and delicious white wine named after a well-known location. In 1886,the market was first introduced to wine with a label.Tsinandali is a combination of Rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane. The color of the wine is lightamber. It has an exquisite and rich flavor that is graceful


Saperavi Saperavi is a classic, widely planted grape variety in Georgia, and one of the top red winerepresentatives in the world. Specifically, the high-quality table red wine produced inKakheti. First it appeared outside of Georgia, primarily inFrance, after French Longeili, who lived in Kutaisi, began sending Georgian grape kinds to

What qualities should a sommelier have?

Sommelier The Somellier profession was born during Napoleon’s reign in France. Sommellier is a wineexpert who is responsible for ensuring that guests taste wine properly and appropriately.They must also be aware of different types of alcoholic beverages. Tchashnagiri, a Georgian wine-taster, was once required to taste wine for its safety,

How is wine tasting done?

Wine tasting Tasting wine requires gathering as much information as possible about the product throughthe use of multiple senses: taste, smell, and vision.There are some requirements for the tasting session: 1) There should be no additional smell or noise in the room.2) The temperature should be between 22 and 23

History of Kvevri and production methods

Kvevri The Kvevri idea was born out of a desire to advance viticulture. It’s a wine vessel, precisely.Large clay jars were manufactured all across the world, but the Kvevri, a particular vessel forwine, was a Georgian invention. It is supported by a variety of historical sources as well asextensive archeological

What is the best way to make Kakhetian Kvevri wine?

Kakhetian Kvevri Wine After pressing wine in Kakheti wine dregs are put into Kvevris(earthenware vessel). Boiling happens as grape skins and pips come into contact; dregs are regularly stirred every day to ensure that the floating grape skins return to Kvevri. Skins and pips are sunk after boiling, and Kvevri

What are the four most important qualities of Georgian wine?

4 Qualities Of Georgian Wine 1. Georgia is the oldest wine-producing country in the world. Our country has a rich historyand traditions, as evidenced by slogans like “Georgia is the cradle of wine,” “Wine startedhere,” and so on.2. There is a variety of vine species native to the area. Because


History of Chakhokhbili In today’s Georgian cuisine, there are numerous recipes for Chakokhbili. Pheasant is too much of luxury so the most popular Chakokhbili version is with chicken. The modern version of the meal is comparable to other stewed beef and tomato recipes from around the world. Ingredients Chicken – 2.5-3 kg

Eggplant with Walnuts

History of Eggplant with Walnuts Eggplant with walnuts is one of the most well-known Georgian dishes, enjoyed by people of all generations. There are a lot of recipes for Eggplant with Walnuts to choose from, and all of them can be considered pretty interesting too. Ingredients Eggplants – 1 kg Crumpled walnuts


History of Satsivi Satsivi is regarded as one of Georgia’s most important foods. It is essential for celebration feasts, especially on New Year’s Eve. The dish’s origins are sometimes debated, but it is obvious that it originated in western Georgia. Ingredients Chicken or turkey – 2.5 kg Walnuts – 2