Hot Dishes


Сhicken in walnut sauce

Fried chicken in blackberry sauce

Chicken, blackberry sauce

Fried chicken in garlic sauce

Fried chicken with garlic and milk sauce

Fried chicken

Fried chicken

Chicken stewed in tomatoes

Stewed chicken, tomato with fresh herbs


Veal stew tarragon and fresh herbs

Beef stewed in spicy tomato sauce

“Ostri” Beef stewed in hot tomato sauce

Veal stewed in tomatoes

Veal stewed in tomato sauce

Beef Kharcho with walnut

beef , salt, olive oil, onion, celery ribs, tomato, leaves, pepper

Veal ribs with Ajika (spicy tomato sauce)

Veal ribs with hot sauce Adjika

Fried pork with potatoes and vegetables

“Ojakhuri” fried potatoes with onions and pork

Cheese Sulguni on Ketsi (hot clay pan)

Sulguni cheese

Chicken liver on Ketsi (hot clay pan)

Chiken giblets, Garnet

Beans in clay pot with pickles

bean, garlic, onion

Dumplings in pot

beef meat in boiled dough 

Mushrooms on a clay pan


Mushrooms on a clay pan with sulguni

Mushrooms on a clay pan with cheese sulguni