Cold dishes with vegetables or dairy products

Pickled Vegetables

Onion, pepper, staphylea, tomato, cucumber, garlic

Pkhali Platter

eggplant, spinach, pomegranate, onion, nuts

Eggplant with walnuts

eggplant, pomegranate, nuts

Gebzhalia ( cheese with mint)

cheese, mint

Cheese Imeretian

Imeretian cheese

Cheese Sulguni

Sulgunu Cheese

Cheese smoked Sulguni

Smoked Sulguni Cheese

Georgian cheese platter

Imeretian cheese, sulguni cheese, smoked sulguni cheese

Ajapsandali (eggplant ragout)

potatoes,  eggplant (aubergine),  tomatoes, tomato puree, onion,  green onion, bay leaves, green peppers, red sweet peppers, garlic, pinch of dry coriander, pinch of red ground pepper,  black ground pepper, salt, oil.