Khinkali (Georgian: ხინკალი khink’ali , sometimes Romanized hinkali or xinkali) is a Georgian dumpling, which originated in the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Tusheti, Mtiuleti and Khevsureti.

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MTSVADI, is a dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat, similar to or synonymous with shish kebab. It is known traditionally, by various other names in the Caucasus and Central Asia

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Kharcho, also spelled as Harcho (Georgian: ხარჩო), is a traditional Georgian soup containing beef, rice, cherry plum purée and chopped walnuts (Juglans regia).  regions of Georgia.

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Chicken tabaka (Georgian: წიწილა ტაბაკა tsitsila tabaka) or chicken tapaka (Georgian: წიწილა ტაფაკა tsitsila tapaka) is a traditional Georgian dish of a pan-fried chicken which is also popular in other Caucasian cuisines.

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Chkmeruli (Georgian: შქმერული) is a traditional Georgian dish of chicken in garlic sauce.

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Chashushuli – Georgian beef stew with tomato

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Kebabs are various cooked meat dishes with their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine. Numerous variants are popular around the world.

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Pkhali (Georgian: ფხალი) is a traditional Georgian dish of chopped and minced vegetables, made of cabbage, eggplant, spinach and combined with ground walnuts...

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A boat-shaped Khachapuri, with cheese, butter and egg yolk in the middle. Khachapuri is a certain representation of the boat, sea and sun.

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If you are waiting for a meal, read about us:

History Of Our Restaurant

I became friends with the restaurant industry in the early years of my life, specifically when I was a student and was given little opportunities that gave me huge experience, allowing me to better understand the business.

As a customer, I was always asking myself what was most important in the Georgian restaurant. In my opinion, it is delicious traditional dishes, good music, perfect guest service, and spending a great time with friends and family. As a customer, I’ve always been interested in every small detail. As a result, opening a restaurant became my goal, although this from a student on a budget was a little unrealistic. 

I got some great experiences when I was a student. While studying in Estonia my financial situation, like every other student, was not so great, so I decided to work as a janitor in a
McDonald’s in the center of Tallinn. Working was difficult, but this step was important so I’d get closer to the restaurant business; but, I still had a long way to go.

To achieve my goal, I decided to visit every restaurant in my city until I was able to start working in a kitchen. After searching for five days straight I got a job as a dishwasher at an Arabic restaurant. After working tirelessly for six months, the cook’s helper became ill one day, and I was given the important task of peeling the onions. This was enough for my happiness, and I started working as a cook’s assistant for one year after that. I felt especially responsible when the cook was on leave and I was in charge of the kitchen. Later on, I also got a job as a bartender at the central restaurant, which was not my greatest strength, but it taught me a lot. Working so hard taught me how important each person is at a restaurant and how it doesn’t matter where you start; what matters is how much effort you put into your work because anything is possible!

I moved even closer to my dream, and I was sure I had chosen my purpose right. After that, it was time to continue my career in Tbilisi, where my biggest support became my family – I got married to the most beautiful woman and became the father of two beautiful daughters. My wife’s family offered me a space where the restaurant used to be, and from
there, I started to make my dream come true.


How can you become successful before starting the business?!

Many people believe that a good partner is someone who has enough money to invest, knows a lot of successful people, or has a lot of experience in the field. That is not the truth. I feel that the ideal partner is a different person – someone who, like you, works all the time to achieve the goal. “Growth mindset” is a skill that a good partner should have; it means that learning and being in a new environment is not a challenge for them, and improvement is their main goal. The right partner can make decisions and take on responsibilities on their own, so even if you aren’t around at all times, they will face and solve problems.

I think a great partnership is built on good communication, so you should choose someone who can do it. A lot depends on it, from the quality of the staff work to their attitude toward the company.

Trust – There is nothing more important in relationships than trust.

If your future or current partner has these skills, I believe you have already achieved success before starting your business.


Restaurant Business Started With $5000

We are part of a society where success is hard to find. We had nothing but $5000 and an empty restaurant location when we first started. The chances of succeeding were low.
The sarcastic comments and sad faces of our family members and relatives, as if they knew we would fail in advance, were demotivating us.

The main thing that motivated us to finish our work was the dream of two people; a dream, that was the most valuable and important thing at the time. It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of people are around you, if you work hard, believe me that there will always be that one person who sees your potential and believes in your dreams.

Taking all of this into account, I am confident that we would get here even if we only had $1,000 to start the business.

The Concept “Bread and Wine”

Every region of Georgia has its own dishes; this is why we decided to bring all of them together under the “Bread and Wine” concept by preparing less-known or popular dishes from all over the country. To say it simply, the restaurant serves delicious dishes from various regions of Georgia.

Creating the environment in which the guest would travel in old Georgia was our goal. Because of this, we used old methods to prepare dishes on the restaurant menu which were based on old Georgians’ recipes. Similarly, the drink selection consists only of authentic Georgian wine and Chacha.

It was important for us to get the restaurant interior right from the start. Because of the old Georgian reality, we chose wood and natural materials, which were commonly used in the old Georgian houses. We had to make the interior look like old Georgian houses, so I believe this decision is not surprising.

Well, the “Bread and Wine” concept is all about Caucasian emotions that will be equally unforgettable for both locals and visitors.

Porpose and How We Achieved it

Our ambitions were huge from the start, but if we wanted to be successful, we needed to work hard and participate in every part of the business.

We couldn’t afford to spend more on advertising because our $5000 budget had already been spent on kitchen equipment. As a result, we needed to develop a new strategy for attracting visitors and turning them into our loyal customers.

We soon realized that the waiter could have played a role in this — we were trying to put all of our effort and emotion into our guests, which worked. Thanks to this method we gained
confidence that we could have achieved our goal without spending money we didn’t have.

Our work was not wasted: foreign visitors were posting a lot about us on the internet. I’ll never forget the day a visitor told us that “Bread and Wine” was listed in one of the top ten restaurants online, and that was why they came to see us. This had a huge influence on us, so we decided to study more because there was a lot going on outside of our control.

The Role of Digital Marketing in Success

It’s hard to believe, but as two young people in the twenty-first century, we went our entire lives without knowing anything about digital marketing.

We decided to register on TripAdvisor and one of the Google tools, Google My Business, as our first two platforms. That’s when we realized we had control in our hands because, with digital marketing, you can always keep track of yourself. You’ll learn about real opinions about your company, what people think of you. After realizing all of this, we decided to learn everything we could about this field so that we could better understand our needs.

We became certified specialists for Google, Facebook, and other global platforms, so we started consulting others and providing additional services.

Choosing Employees and How to Interact with Them

When you want to be successful, you must be professional in all parts of your work. We take extra care in hiring employees for kitchen. Qualification, experience, and a seriousness toward the job are all qualities that kitchen staff should have.

Every employee should know the company’s philosophy, what we serve, and the goals we work for.

Most of our guests are foreign visitors, so our every employee is an ambassador. Because a guest’s opinion on Georgian culture and people is formed after working with us, it is important that we represent our country respectfully. Being an ambassador for your country needs responsibility and discipline, so every employee needs to understand their role when talking to guests. We must develop patriotism in each of them so they successfully represent Georgia.

We represent our country!

Our restaurant’s working environment is family-like, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the guests either. Maintaining this type of connection comes with serving the idea.

Connecting with The Guests

A foreign tourist needs a different attention than a local visitor. Tourists are interested in learning new information and talking to staff. They need to talk and share what they saw before coming to you, where they were, and what they learned new; they try to share their emotions with everyone.

Foreign visitors want to become friends with you and get advice from you on where to go, what to see, and what to do while being in Georgia. As a result, their journey will be successful and filled with wonderful emotions.

Our staff have that Georgian hospitality, so making friends and getting their trust is not a problem for us.

This type of service needs concentration, work, and psychological readiness, but clearly this method was important in the success of “Bread and Wine”


Product quality in the restaurant industry is one of the most important things. In our case, the chef was in charge of selecting products for us because we used to go grocery shopping together.

But, the tastiness of dishes is not determined by the quality of the product only. It is important to properly process and store these goods. As a result, we divided the kitchen work into four sections: selecting products, processing and storing them properly, and preparing them with the right technology.

Dish preparation is super important. As already mentioned, we have Georgian cuisine, which puts us in a box as it is impossible to take away the main characteristics from dishes and recipes that our ancestors worked on for ages.

On the other hand, new technologies and the digital world gave us opportunities of learning new cooking technologies. Taking all of this into account, the “Bread and Wine” the kitchen is all about Georgian cuisine, but we also value the use of current technologies and trends.

Constant Progress

Kitchens need to be constantly changed. Dishes must be updated regularly, new dishes must be added, and all of this must be shown to the guests.

Changes to the restaurant’s interior are just as important, even if they just involve minor touches. Loyal customers will notice and appreciate these changes. Visitors are most interested in your development. Employees like changes in the interior as all the same all the time is boring.

The next topic I’d like to talk about is digital marketing. This field is constantly developing, giving us new opportunities. Every business in the tourism industry, I believe, should keep up with digital marketing news.

Personal development – It is hard to grow in business without first developing personally. Personal growth and learning more about business, goals, and visions are important for
success. You have to have diverse knowledge for the restaurant to be successful. But you should not be the one doing everything. Diverse knowledge gives you additional opportunities. As a leader, you are responsible for having a vision and knowing where you are headed.

Pandemic and Food Delivery

Our restaurant’s policy is to sell the idea rather than just food. Because of this, we used to
believe that if someone wanted to eat well, they had to come to us to fully understand the
concept of “Bread and Wine”.

Our vision turned out to be wrong.

If you ignore technology and do not adapt to the modern world, the world will not forgive you. If you still continue to do it, you will fail. You have to deliver the food to a guest without losing the idea.  

We chose the Wolt delivery service since, in our opinion, this company focuses the most on its consumers.

This made our quarantine better. When the country’s borders were about to open, we were thinking that "Bread and Wine" would have been forgotten, and that we would receive no foreign visitors.

Guests were posting negative comments online after the borders opened as they wanted to spend their time in “Bread and Wine” but we were still closed. We knew we needed to open the restaurant as quickly as possible, which was difficult. We had to start looking for human resources and finances all over again.

We can proudly say that three months after opening, in October, we made more than we did in October of 2019. This shows that a business based on an idea stays in the hearts of its customers and does not go anywhere!