History of Satsivi

Satsivi is regarded as one of Georgia’s most important foods. It is essential for celebration feasts, especially on New Year’s Eve. The dish’s origins are sometimes debated, but it is obvious that it originated in western Georgia.


·        Chicken or turkey – 2.5 kilograms

·        Walnuts – 2 kilograms

·        Garlic – 130-150 grams

·        Onion – 150-200 grams

·        Dry coriander – 40 grams

·        Blue Funegreek (Utskho Suneli) – 60 grams

·        Kharcho seasoning – 60 grams

·        Saffron – 30 grams

·        Salt to taste

·        Cardamon – 10 grams

·        Clove – 5 grams

·        Megrelian Adjika



It is better if we boil the chicken or turkey the day before. The next day, get your chicken/turkey, cut it lengthwise, and fry it in the oven. Finely dice the onion and cook it over low heat. Add the tomato paste, garlic, clove, and cardamon once the onion has turned golden. Crumple your walnuts. Add in all of the ingredients listed on the onion and tomato paste mixture.  Stir until the oil separates. Save the oil for later. Slowly pour in the broth and bring the mixture to a boil.  Before turning off the stock pan, wait 2-3 minutes. Allow the mixture to simmer for another 2 minutes after adding the fried meat. As soon as the stock pan has cooled slightly, remove it from the heat and place it in a cooler place.