What is the best way to make Kakhetian Kvevri wine?

Kakhetian Kvevri Wine

After pressing wine in Kakheti wine dregs are put into Kvevris(earthenware vessel). Boiling happens as grape skins and pips come into contact; dregs are regularly stirred every day to ensure that the floating grape skins return to Kvevri. Skins and pips are sunk after boiling, and Kvevri is filled with wine, covered with a top, and left with skins and pips for months.


In spring, wine is filtered from grape skins and pips and poured into another Kvevris, barrels, or other vessels; skins and pips are removed from the wine press or used instantly for Chacha vodka, which is highly popular among tourists in Georgia. You’ll get amber-colored wine with this technique. Dried flowers, hay, honey, and jams are some of the aromas associated with this wine.