History of Kvevri and production methods


The Kvevri idea was born out of a desire to advance viticulture. It’s a wine vessel, precisely.
Large clay jars were manufactured all across the world, but the Kvevri, a particular vessel for
wine, was a Georgian invention. It is supported by a variety of historical sources as well as
extensive archeological evidence.

Kvevri maintaining grounds also demonstrate development in viticulture. The production of
Kvevri is divided into four stages:
1) Constructing Kvevri 2) Drying it; 3) Firing it; and, if necessary, 4) waxing it. In Georgia, the
average Kvevri volume was between 2-3 and 6-8 thousand liters. However, it is thought that
Georgians used to make massive Kvevris that could hold over 15000 liters of wine.