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Eggplant with Walnuts

History of Eggplant with Walnuts Eggplant with walnuts is one of the most well-known Georgian dishes, enjoyed by people of all generations. There are a lot of recipes for Eggplant with Walnuts to choose from, and all of them can be considered pretty interesting too. Ingredients Eggplants – 1 kg Crumpled walnuts


History of Satsivi Satsivi is regarded as one of Georgia’s most important foods. It is essential for celebration feasts, especially on New Year’s Eve. The dish’s origins are sometimes debated, but it is obvious that it originated in western Georgia. Ingredients Chicken or turkey – 2.5 kg Walnuts – 2

Kharcho with Walnuts

History of Kharcho With Walnuts In Megrelian cuisine, Kharcho with walnuts is more common. In Guria and Imereti, it is also widespread. It is similar to Satsivi in terms of consistency, but the preparation technique for these dishes is radically different. Ingredients Beef – 1 kg Crumpled walnuts – 800 g White


History of Chakapuli Chakapuli is a staple dish that enhances the beauty of Easter. This dish originates in eastern Georgia and has quickly become an inseparable part of our national cuisine. This might be explained by looking at the components in Chakapuli and their meanings: lamb, which is a symbol of


History of Khachapuri The origin story of Khachapuri’s dish is unknown, but we do know that it dates from the Middle Ages. The existence of such a dish in our country is perfectly logical, given the popularity of bread and cheese. Georgians frequently left their homes to go shepherding, so


History of Khinkali Khinkali is said to have originated in the dour mountains to the north of Tbilisi, where Tushetian and Pshavi people live and both claim to be the originators of Khinkali. The temperature in Tusheti drops to 15 degrees Celsius in the winter, and villages in the Caucasus


History of Chashushuli Chashushuli beef stew is a favorite dish among foodies that is suitable for almost all seasons. It is not only desired but almost required, to pair this type of dinner with a glass of strong wine. Ingredients (4 servings) Beef – 1 kg Onions – 250 g Green


History of Soup-kharcho Kharcho soup is a traditional Georgian dish that has spread to other cultures, including Russian national cuisine, throughout the centuries. Ingredients (6 servings) Beef short ribs – 1 kg Onions – 150 g Red bell pepper – 70 g Green pepper – 65 g Garlic – 45


History of Shkmeruli Shkmeruli is a traditional Rachuli dish named after the beautiful village of Racha – Shkmeri. The dish’s creation story simple: a hostess had unexpected guests and didn’t have walnuts to prepare “bazhe,” so she soaked freshly fried chicken in milk and seasoned it with garlic and salt. Ingredients 800-900 grams of