History of Chashushuli

Chashushuli beef stew is a favorite dish among foodies that is suitable for almost all seasons. It is not only desired but almost required, to pair this type of dinner with a glass of strong wine.

Ingredients (4 servings)

·        Beef – 1 kilogram

·        Onions – 250 grams

·        Green pepper

·        Butter – 100 grams

·        Tomatoes – 250 grams

·        Tomato paste – 110 grams

·        Coriander – 170 grams

·        Parsley – 70 grams

·        Garlic – 550 grams

·        Bay leaves 4-5

·        Salt – 25-30 grams

·        Dry coriander – 20 grams

·        Blue Funegreek (Utskho Suneli) – 30 grams  



Thickly dice the meat, wash it thoroughly, and put it in a pot. Place the pot on a medium-low flame and add the butter, bay leaf, and green pepper. Add 70 grams of tomato paste to the partially cooked meat and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes.

Add cut-up peeled tomatoes with diced herbs, 60 grams garlic, dried coriander, and Blue Funegreek in a bowl. When the meat is halfway cooked, add everything from the bowl, stir well, and cover. Allow it to simmer, then turn off the heat when the meat is almost done (try not to stir it often).