History of the Gebzhalia

Gebzhalia is a Megrelian dish that means “put in milk”. It’s also worth noting that the words “milk” and “sun” are pronounced similarly in Megrelian. We might assume that this dish served as a sacral symbol and was frequently served during ritualistic feasts. Gebzhalia is traditionally round and represents the sun, although it also comes in numerous shapes.


Sour cream – 30 g
Pomegranate – 5 g
Nadughi – 120 g
Mint – 10 g
Sulguni cheese – 200 g



Melt Sulguni cheese in hot water, flatten it out like Lavash on a plate, spread Nadughi over top with minced mint and pepper, roll it up like a roll, slice it, and place it on a plate. Pour the melted cheese water over the sliced cheese with pepper and adjika.